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Large Lobi Figure from Burkina Faso

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About this piece

Large Lobi figure, with wood patina of use and crusty. Representative a female figure, standing with arms glued to the legs.This Female figure presents the aesthetic canons typical of the Lobi, distinguished by the quality of its sculpture and the remarkable dynamics of the volumes. Lobi people are organized around nature spirits, when honored, these spirits, show their benevolence in the form of abundant rain, good health, numerous births. Erosion damage at the base of the figure from insects and age. Figure from the Gaoua region of Burkina Faso. This figure has been approved as being authentic with significant signs of tribal use and age.

We find the Lobi people in Burkina Faso, few in Ghana and in Northern of Ivory Coast.

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Weight 1.700 kg
Dimensions 11 × 52 cm

Ex French Collection

Estimated Date

Mid 20th Century


Burkina Faso





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