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About Gallery Preira

Gallery Preira, African Tribal Art

Gallery Preira is collection of African tribal arts that we have that is currently for sale. Each piece is authentic and unique. The collection are enriched with pieces acquired by sources in Africa and from private collectors. I guarantee the authenticity of every item.

I would be delighted to chat with you about any of the items on sale so please do not hesitate to telephone me or email me with any queries.

Nivaldo Preira, African Tribal Art Dealer

Although now living in the UK, I am originally from Guinea-Bissau on the west coast of Africa where I still have many friends and contacts among collectors, dealers, artisans and sculptors who craft and deal in high quality African ethnic artifacts.

I have been collecting and selling high quality tribal arts for more than 20 years. African art is above all for me a return of source and deepen the history of Africa.

~Nivaldo Preira

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