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The Natural History Museum – Evolution

“The extinct ancient human ‘Homo Erectus‘ is a species of firsts. It was the first of our relatives to have human-like body proportions, with shorter arms and longer legs relative to its torso. It was also the first known ‘hominin’ to migrate out of Africa.”

Make sure you have a look at the reconstruction of Turkana Boy, the approximately 1.5-million-year-old, nearly complete skeleton discovered in Kenya. He was only about nine years old and already 1.6m tall.

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House of African Art Exhibition The Playground

This exhibition will explore the significance of childhood. The importance of the formative years of each person’s life in their childhood shapes the opportunities they’ll have in life, their beliefs, such as their religion, their values and who they eventually become as adults.

HAART’s Playground exhibition will showcase new bodies of artwork by three visual artists – Àsìkò,Azael Langa and Zoya Taylor– alongside a line up of evening talks, live performance art pieces and live musicians performing in the gallery.