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Taïnos and Kalinagos of the Antilles

Taïnos and Kalinagos of the Antilles

Taïnos and Kalinagos of the Antilles will run from Tuesday June 4th, 2024 to Sunday October 13th, 2024. This initiative pays tribute to the exhibition held thirty years ago at the Petit Palais under the auspices of Jacques Chirac. Widely regarded as a precursor to the establishment of the Quai Branly-Jacques Chirac museum, it serves as a significant milestone in the cultural landscape.

Poster for the Taïnos and Kalinagos of the Antilles that will run from Tuesday June 4th, 2024 to Sunday October 13th


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A Cultural Turning Point: Jacques Chirac’s Vision for Non-Western Arts

In 1994, Jacques Chirac selected the distinguished collector and art dealer Jacques Kerchache to oversee an exhibition highlighting the artistic heritage of the Tainos, an indigenous group from the Greater Antilles whose cultural contributions had been eclipsed by the impact of Spanish colonization. Held at the Petit Palais, this pioneering exhibition, which showcased a lesser-known artistic tradition, received widespread acclaim, heralding a significant shift in public attitudes towards non-Western artistic expressions. Book your tickets to the Taïnos and Kalinagos of the Antilles Exhibition now!

Indigenous Legacy in the Caribbean: Tracing the Footprints of the Tainos and Kalinagos

Before Christopher Columbus’ arrival in 1492, the Tainos of the Greater Antilles and the Kalinagos of the Lesser Antilles thrived as indigenous societies in the Caribbean. These seafaring Amerindian peoples played a pivotal role as eyewitnesses to the historic encounter between two worlds, marking the onset of European conquest in the region. Despite enduring the ravages of colonization, conflicts, and diseases, traces of their cultural legacy endure on specific islands, notably Dominica with its Kalinago population, Saint-Vincent with the Garifunas, and Puerto Rico with Taino descendants. Their enduring influence continues to shape the vibrant tapestry of contemporary Creole societies throughout the Caribbean.

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