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Yoruba Ibeji Figures from Nigeria

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These “ere” (statues) dolls are an incarnation of twins, they have a conical headdress made of braids, tinted with indigo. The strings of neck ornaments symbolize values of wealth and fertility. Lustrous mahogany patina.

In the language of the Yoruba people, ibeji means twin, ibi for born and eji for two. They represent the figure of a deceased twin. This ibedji is then treated as the missing child who would have been. It is the mother who must take care of this child, she can wash and feed them regularly. If the mother dies, the remaining twin takes over this task. It also happened that a man would have a ibeji carved for his wife in the hope of pregnancy. Supporting the soul of the twin, the ibeji influenced the life of the family, becoming a source of benefits for his parents. They continued to pray to the child and dedicate cults and libations to him.

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Weight 0.800 kg
Dimensions 7 × 35 cm

Ex French Private Collection

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Mid 20th Century




Beads, Wood



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