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Large Lobi Head From Burkina Faso

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About this piece

A remarkable representation of the region’s rich culture, this Lobi head showcases a wood patina bearing marks of its historical use. Central to Lobi beliefs, the head embodies the “Khele” – a power innate to all humans. This force, upon death, requires careful handling to prevent harm. Famed warriors and hunters would affiliate with the Milkuur cult, using these Lobi figures to amplify their strength. Positioned outside homes as a potent symbol on altars, the head serves as a guardian against threats. This particular piece hails from the Gaoua region in Burkina Faso. While predominantly found in Burkina Faso, traces of the Lobi people also extend to parts of Ghana and Northern Ivory Coast.

Item details

Weight 4.600 kg
Dimensions 15 × 52 cm

Ex French Private Collection

Estimated Date

Mid 20th Century


Burkina Faso





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