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Three key recommendations to Museums

Three key recommendations to Museums

Unesco issues three key recommendations to help museums following report that reveals scale of Covid-19 crisis, said The Art Newspaper in May 2020. We wonder from then up until now if there could be more help coming to Museums around the World?

Among the innumerable concerns expressed by international institutions are loss of public funding, threats to the security of collections and a decrease in visitors.

The Covid-19 crisis has led to a fall in funding for museums worldwide with public subsidies decreasing in 50% of the countries surveyed for a report published by Unesco. The new document, entitled Museums around the world in the face of Covid-19, provides a “provisional assessment” of the state of 104,000 museums in the face of the pandemic, based on data provided by 87 member states of Unesco in an online survey conducted earlier this year. UNESCO gave three key recommendations to Museums.

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Read the three key recommendations UNESCO gave to Museums in “Launch of UNESCO Report on museums around the world in the face of COVID-19” @


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