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Bambara Maternity Figure – Gallery Preira

Bambara Maternity Figure – Gallery Preira

We can see in this Bambara Maternity Figure recurrent themes in African art, fertility and breastfeeding. These are addressed through this classic piece depicting a mother carrying her child on her back.

This Bambara Maternity Figure depicts a woman with generous curves and wide hips carrying a thin, aesthetic trunk and imposing chest.
The arms are bent in an axis parallel to the curvature of the trunk. The small child is gripping on to her back with head turned to the
The mother has a flat face and fine hair falling over the chest and back.

Fine marking is also visible. The patina is dark and smooth, and some places have fat.

Please visit our website to explore more about this magnificent piece and other African Tribal Art pieces by following the following link: https://www.african-tribal-arts.co.uk/

One of the stunning pieces of the Gallery Preira Collection

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