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Kuba Shoowa Cloth from Congo

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Authentic and unique Kuba Shoowa Cloth from Congo: Intricately handwoven by the Shoowa, a revered Bashoowa subgroup of the Kuba tribe. This textile isn’t just fabric; it’s a masterpiece of primitive art. This Kuba Cloth is crafted with a raffia base, its short-cut threads create a unique velvet effect, enriched by striking tonal contrasts. The detailed geometrical patterns echo the body scarifications unique to this ethnic group, also reminiscent of their sculpture decorations. Traditionally, these exquisite fabrics graced the royal court, serving as prestigious seats or covers. Beyond their beauty, they held value as currency and in many instances, were chosen to accompany the deceased, enveloping them in their final rest. A perfect emblem of Central African history, craftsmanship, and culture, this cloth is a must-have for art collectors and design enthusiasts.


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Dimensions 56 × 54 cm

Ex Belgium private Collection

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Mid 20th Century






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