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The top art fairs in the UK for 2022

The top art fairs in the UK for 2022

Today we have got a list of the top art fairs in the UK for 2022, so get your diaries out and note down the ones that may be of interest to you! Of course there are other fairs planned, but we chose these to suggest to you.

Even though we have restrictions due to the pandemic, many art fairs hope to go ahead this year, so here are the ones we would like to suggest you visit if you can.

Please remember that events may be postponed or cancelled due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Please check with the organisers before making plans.

London Art Fair, UK, postponed to 20-24 April

Eye of the Collector, London, UK, 11-14 May

Photo London, UK, 12-15 May

Masterpiece London, UK, 30 June-6 July

1-54 London, UK, October

TAL – Tribal Art London – Discover the art of the Indigenous Peoples – September 2022


Woolley and Wallis – African & Oceanic Art / Antiques – 27th April 2022


Knight Webb Gallery – African Ritual Antiques and Textiles – on now until 29th January 2022

Knight Webb Gallery Photo

PAD London, UK, 10-16 October

P & A Fairs – 20th February 2022 – London Antique Textiles and Tribal Art Fair

PAD London – 10-16 OCTOBER 2022


While you are here, please visit our website to view, and who knows even purchase, some of our stunning pieces.

If you don’t see what you are looking for on our website, please contact us as we have many other African Tribal Art pieces which are not on our website. We are sure we will have what you are looking for!

Bwa Owl Mask from Burkina Faso – Gallery Preira Website Photo

This beautiful Bwa Owl Mask from Burkina Faso is one amazing piece we have on our website, and here is a brief description of the piece:

This mask is part of a collection of masks that are used by the “Bobo” ethnic group found to the south west of Burkina Faso. This region is called “Bobo Dioulasso”.

The mask Owl is used during harvest ceremonies to ensure the good fertility of the fields. The expression of this mask is lively and hopeful.

The mask is also symbolic of a mythique noctural bird. It represents a charitable and protecting spirit which manifests from time to time during ceremonies of purification for the village.

Collected in situ.


Piece accompanied by its certificate of authenticity.

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