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“The Artistic Ape” Reading suggestion

“The Artistic Ape” Reading suggestion

To all art lovers, we recommend reading a vey well known book by one of our dear clients:

“The Artistic Ape” by Desmond Morris, published 2013.

Please visit Desmond Morris’ website for more @


Today we would like to express our appreciation for one of our dear clients: Desmond Morris.

Desmond Morris is known for his incredible success as a painter and for his writing. Desmond Morris startled the World with his book ‘The Naked Ape’ and has never stopped gripping public attention.

He is perhaps ranked as one of the foremost exponents of surrealism in Britain, Morris encapsulates the sociological importance of art through his books and paintings. One of his recent books ‘The Artistic Ape’ analyses artistic production in humans, how it began and why we pursue it with such intensity all over the World.

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