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Documentary African Tribal Art: You Hide Me: 50 Years on

Documentary African Tribal Art: You Hide Me: 50 Years on

This documentary film by Ghanaian filmmaker, Kwate Nii Owoo is a dramatisation of a visit to the British Museum by two Africans who discover African art, specifically Benin bronzes, hidden in the basement. An exposé of the policies of European colonial regimes which, in establishing their rule, attempted to wipe out all traces of African civilisation, religion, language, and art. It argues that materials collected in Africa and often hidden in the basements of European museums have been used against Africans as well as black people in the Caribbean, Europe, and the USA, making them look down on a rich cultural heritage.

The film is held in the June Givanni Pan African Cinema Archive (JGPACA). To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the film’s release, The Africa Centre, along with partners SOAS and AFFORD bring you a series of screenings and panel discussions to continue the debate and discussions around the restitution of African Art.

Among the panelists will be international curators, filmmakers, writers, cultural activists, and academics, including the filmmaker himself. The JGPACA and The Africa Centre’s event will focus on Restitution: Africa and The Diaspora’s participation and the role of cultural organisations such The Africa Centre.


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