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Senufo Mask Kpeliye (122)

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About this piece

Senoufo Mask, Kpelie Mask

This mask is realistic, having as principal features the combination of both human and animal, heart shaped, face surrounded by wings,elongated flanges, from the bottom of the mask.

Figurines, chants, branches, dance and other equipment refined by the artists of the village complete the Poro rituals.

Extremely animists their theology is based on Koutiolo,a god and the godess mother, Katielo, to who everyone shows great respect for she regenerates the world through the Poro society at  initiation rituals,  funerals, or harvest festivals to thank the ancestor. The Senoufo believe that everything is result of ancestor spirits, if a failure occurs in ritual performances  the spirit will  bring consequences.

There are different styles of masks considering the region of Ivory Coast or occasion.

The Kpelie mask,are owned and worn by man only , even though, it represents the concept of feminine beauty and fertility.

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Weight 0.350 kg
Dimensions 15 × 28 cm

Ivory Coast

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Late 20th Century




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