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Large Lobi Couple Figure From Burkina Faso

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The Bateba wooden effigies were placed on the altar after a ritual to become the receptacle of a bush spirit, the Thil. An active intermediary being who fights against sorcerers and all harmful forces. These spirits when honored manifest their benevolence in the form of abundant rainfall, good health, and numerous births. When ignored they withdraw it and bring devastating epidemics, drought, and suffering. The spirits pass on the laws to the diviners, the followers must obey to receive their protection. They are represented by wooden copper sculptures called Bateba (large or small, figurative, or abstract, they adopt different attitudes symbolizing the particular power or talent the spirit uses to protect its owners). In order to deal with the multiple threats of rural West Africa these figures are placed in the owners’ homes on tombs or in a dark corner alongside many others.

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Weight 2.600 kg
Dimensions 11 × 56 cm

Ex French Collection

Estimated Date

Mid 20th Century


Burkina Faso





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