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Event Date and time: Thursday 14th September – Sunday 8th October – 2017

Venue Details: Addis Fine Art Project Space | Tafeta, 47 – 50 Margaret Street London, W1W 8SB, UK

Organisers: Addis Fine Art

Event website: Erase Me

Event Cost: Free

“Erase Me” is solo exhibition of Tariku Shiferaw’s current body of work titled “One of These Black Boys” at the Addis Fine Art project Space in London.

“One of These Black Boys” interrogates the concept of mark-making both physically and metaphysically. Using titles of songs from Hip-Hop, R&B, Jazz, Blues, and Reggae music, these paintings embody both the experiences and struggles expressed through music by Black artists. The topics range from expressions of being black bodies in a white social construct to expressions of romance and sex.

In appropriating song titles as painting titles, the work automatically inherits the references, identities, and the history portrayed through the songs. For Instance, “If I Rule The World” is a song-title used as a title of a paintings. It is a 1996 song by Nas featuring Lauryn Hill, where Nas re-imagines a world different from the unjust one he lives in. Every song used to title paintings tells a story that refers to a certain reality. The work becomes a reference of a reference, much like a signifier to another symbol. This creates repetitive patterns both aesthetically and conceptually.



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