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African Tribal Art

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About Our African Tribal Art


These figures have been used in real ritual ceremonies. It is for this reason that the wood has a smooth, lived-in quality.

Traditional African art also called "Art Negre" can be subdivided into a mulitude of local art forms. The diversity of african art shows great imagination and an intensity of witchcraft which reveals the omnipresence of the sacred.

The true passion of african art is to respect an object in its wholeness and its context. That is to accept, for example, a splash of dried blood claimed during a sacrificial ritual.

We hope you enjoy our large and exciting collection of African tribal art.


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Email: gallerypreira@african-sculpture.co.uk

Address: Gallery Preira, The Knoll Business Centre, Old Shoreham Road, Hove, East Sussex, BN3 7GS

Gallery Preira

A collection of African tribal arts, which we currently have for sale. Each piece is authentic and unique.

The collection are enriched with pieces acquired by sources in Africa and from private collectors. We guarantee the authenticity of every items.