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ReThinking Collections – Exhibition Africa Museum in Tervuren

ReThinking Collections – Exhibition Africa Museum in Tervuren

19 January 2024 to 29/09/2024 – ReThinking Collections – Exhibition Africa Museum in Tervuren

ReThinking Collections is an Exhibition held at the Africa Museum in Tervuren, from the 19th of January 2024, to 29th September 2024. ReThinking Collections is a new temporary exhibition on provenance research.

Reimagining Colonial Collections: A Critical Examination of Provenance Research

Reimagining Colonial Collections: Exploring Provenance Research and Restitution

ReThinking Collections – Exhibition Africa Museum in Tervuren

The Royal Museum for Central Africa boasts collections predominantly amassed during the colonial era, primarily from what is now the DR Congo. In contemporary social and political discourse, provenance research and the discourse on restitution have surged in significance. Yet, the task of tracing the origins of these collections remains intricate. What fresh insights can be gleaned from uncovering their provenance? Moreover, what ethical considerations should govern the fate of such collections, both within and beyond the confines of museum walls?

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Figure Nexkrest. Luluwa ; Kasaï region, DR Congo.
End of the 19th century
Wood (Crossopterix febrifuga), pigments.
H. 12,5 cm.
Acquired between 1892 and 1894 by Constant de Deken for the musée missionnaire des pères scheutistes. Acquired by the congrégation du des missionnaires de Scheut, given to the museum in 1914.

photo from website @ https://www.tribalartmagazine.com/img/cms/blog/2024/2024_1/Fig-%201-EO-0-0-18802_DIA_01.jpeg

Navigating Colonial Legacies: Unveiling Provenance Research and Ethical Considerations

The exhibition, “Reimagining Colonial Collections,” endeavors to illuminate the diverse methodologies employed in provenance research and the multifaceted issues it engenders. By showcasing an array of artifacts, some of which may provoke unexpected reactions, the exhibition delves into the complexities surrounding this contentious heritage. Furthermore, it ventures into uncharted territories, exploring novel perspectives and future strategies for handling colonial collections.

Drawing Inspiration from (RE)MAKING COLLECTIONS: Exploring Origins, Trajectories & Reconnections

ReThinking Collections draws inspiration from the publication (RE)MAKING COLLECTIONS. Origins, Trajectories & Reconnections / LA FABRIQUE DES COLLECTIONS: Origines, trajectoires & reconnexions, edited by Sarah Van Beurden, Didier Gondola & Agnès Lacaille, part of the ‘Studies in Social Sciences and Humanities’ series, volume 181. Published by RMCA in Tervuren in 2023.

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