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Paris Tribal 2022

In nine years Paris Tribal has become an unmissable event in the world of tribal art and in the Parisian agenda. Its exhibitors’ quality and special NDA – exclusive thematic exhibitions, a pleasant experience, both with collectors and new non-European art lovers in a convivial and warm atmosphere – explains this growing success.

Thematic exhibitions are displayed along the way.

Every year this open-air fair brings together around thirty galleries specialized in the arts of Africa, America, the Himalayas, Indonesia and Oceania.

Paris Tribal is not only an art exhibition, it is a unique opportunity for all visitors to discuss and share their passion with recognized experts in a warm and friendly atmosphere. 

Paris Tribal 2022 is a festive event in compliance with the sanitary rules, a springtime renewal atmosphere.

Here is a magnificent tribal art mask that we have sold recently.

You will most certainly find some masks similar to this one at Paris Tribal 2022:

Senoufo Kpeliye Mask:
Country: Ivory Coast

Height: 27cm x 15cm

Weight: 0.300kg

Material: Wood

Estimated date: Late 20 Century

At this fair you will find several tribal art pieces just like the ones we have on our website. Please visit us at

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