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African & Oceanic Art 16 November 2021 at 11est. New York

16 Nov 2021, starting at 11:00 EST.

One of the magnificent pieces on auction: BWA Mask from Burkina Faso

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“The elders of the Kmabi clan in Dossi claim that the plank masks represent flying spirits and are associated with water. These spirits can take the form of insects that mass around muddy pools after early rains, or larger birds, including owls and ibis. The key to understanding plank mask forms is that these masks are not representational but embody supernatural forces that act on behalf of the Bwa clans that use the masks.” (Art of the Upper Volta Rivers, Alain and Francoise Chaffin, 1987, pp. 274-276)”

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You can view some of our beautiful masks if you are interested in purchasing one on our website

Our website is being updated so please bear with us while it is done.

Many new pieces coming soon.

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