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Marked The Documentary on Netflix

Marked The Documentary on Netflix

Nigeria – Tribal marks

This interesting documentary investigates the act of ‘Scarification’ in some tribes of Nigeria.

The origins of these practices remain a mystery, but it seems that it started emerging on African Art Sculptures dating back to the 1500s. Most popular are the Benin bronze figures.

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Over the decades, scarification has embodied different meanings around Africa. If you watch this documentary you will find that there are many myths why these marks are done on very young babies. Tribal marks as a form of identity became important during the slave trade as some people who made their way back home were easily identified by the marks on their face.

These marks are part of some tribes’ culture and heritage some say in this documentary. For the royals of some tribes, it signifies wealth and social status. Other tribes practice scarification as a form of beautification.

Nigerian model Adetutu Oluwabusayomi Alabi, also known as Adetutu OJ Photo from

This Nigerian Model Turned Her Tribal Scars Into A Beauty Movement.

“Her father, who is from Ondo State of Nigeria, made all of his children go through tribal mark ceremonies. This tradition is something that was passed down through his family before the children’s naming ceremonies.”

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What was once seen as a sign of beauty, identity or heritage are now seen as a mutilation and something to be ashamed of. Scarification is a slowly dying tradition as the new laws in Nigeria become more and more specific about this act.

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